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The search engine ZapMeta provides web results derived from several major engines. It also offers image, video, MP3, and advanced search options. The following review looks at its results and site design...

DESIGN: ZapMeta has a good-looking design and the results load fairly quickly. However, the homepage is a bit slow on some connections, and the site isn't as compatible with different browsers and screen resolutions as some of the other search engines.

RESULTS: ZapMeta supplies high-quality metasearch results, with ten per page (plus eight sponsored links). Listings come from AltaVista, Bing, Cuil, EntireWeb, Gigablast, MSN, and Yahoo. In contrast, most metasearch sites only cover 3-4 engines. lacks metasearch listings from and Google, but including Cuil, EntireWeb, and Gigablast may compensate for this. Overall, this search engine is certainly worth a try. Domain Name is For Sale at's Marketplace For $299 For Sale For Only $99 (C) 2010 Best Viewed at 640x480 or 800x600 Resolution