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Get the latest international sports news and scores from these quick, frequently updated websites:

This American sports channel's mobile website offers recent scores, facts, news, analysis, statistics, schedules and team info. Tip: To vote in a poll, scroll down to the question under "SportsNation" and click one of the answer links. Established: 1994, page size: 14k, images: few, ads: some, rating: 4.5/5

Sky Sports (
The mobile website of British TV network Sky Sports features news on rugby, cricket, tennis, football, boxing and other sports in the U.K. and U.S. Tip: If you have problems viewing this website, click "Change Version" (near the bottom). Established: 1998, page size: 23k, images: some, ads: few, rating: 3.5/5 (
Offers results, scores and statistics for several types of sporting events around the world. They include football, baseball, hockey, tennis, basketball and soccer. Tip: On the home page, click a box under the name of a sport to see the latest data. Established: 2004, page size: 15k, images: few, ads: some, rating: 3/5

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