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These search engines deliver fast, relevant website listings for almost any word or phrase you can think of:

Google (
Search the Web, news, images, products, videos and more with this popular search engine. Tip: If a website loads too slowly, click the "cached" link next to its URL in Google's search results. Next, click "text-only version" (in the box at the top). Established: 1997, page size: 5k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 4/5

Mojeek (
This UK-based search engine offers Web and news search functions. Rather than tracking users' clicks, it supplies direct links to results. Tip: The Mojeek news search uses British media sources, so it primarily finds U.K. and international news reports. Established: 2004, page size: 2k, images: few, ads: none, rating: 4/5 (
This metasearch engine combines results from Yahoo, Google, Yandex and Bing. It provides suggestions as you type search terms. also offers image, topic, video, job and shopping search options. Tip: Check the righthand sidebar for news items related to your search. Established: N/A, page size: 28k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 3.5/5

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Disclaimer: Website ratings are based on quality, design, functionality, speed, advertising and spelling/grammar. They do not evaluate any products or services that a website may offer. Page sizes don't include the sizes of associated images, animations or sounds. Websites may change faster than we can update this data. If you own a website listed in the Web Guide, you may contact us to change the link type, request that we update the listing or remove your website.

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