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This is a fairly impressive-looking Citizens Band base station. A medium-sized desktop unit, the Royce 619 features a digital channel readout, a squelch control, and full band coverage.

The radio can transmit and receive in AM mode (standard) on all 40 CB channels. It has a meter, a detachable microphone, an RF Gain control, and a jack for connecting an antenna (on the back).

The Royce 619 runs on AC or DC power, like most CB base stations. It has power connections on the rear panel, along with a replaceable fuse and several ventilation slots.

It is black with chrome knobs and has a heavy-duty design, with plenty of metal. The built-in speaker has a metal cover as well, as many radios did in the '70s and '80s. Domain Name is For Sale at's Marketplace For $299 For Sale For Only $99 (C) 2010 Best Viewed at 640x480 or 800x600 Resolution