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The DM70Plus is a compact electronic organizer that is fairly basic but well-designed. Its functions include a phone list, memo, time/date, and calculator. It can be password protected.

The LCD screen on the Royal DM70 Plus is two lines and twelve characters wide. The 2nd line only shows numbers. A thin area at the bottom of the screen indicates the current function.

The keypad is in a "QWERTY" layout, with numbers and calculator functions sharing some letter keys. To enter a hyphen, number, or period in memo mode, the SHIFT key must be used.

Its keys allow for fairly quick data entry. Unlike some personal organizers, the Royal DM70 Plus has a wide spacebar and large keys for SHIFT and ENTER. There are four arrow keys.

The "TIME" function shows the current date and time. "MEMO" is useful for entering brief, automatically dated notes. "PHONE" allows the user to enter and store names and telephone numbers.

The Royal DM70Plus's calculator does more than the average stand-alone calculator. It calculates numbers up to ten digits long, and offers percent, square root, and memory functions.

It has only one kilobyte of memory. However, this may be adequate. Like computers, many other electronic organizers come with far more memory than most people will ever need.

The Royal DM70 Plus requires only one CR2025 battery, which saves money on batteries. It doesn't have a battery backup feature, but seems to retain data for hours after the battery is removed.

The battery compartment is held shut with two phillips-head screws. There are spaces for two batteries, but only one has contacts. Apparently the 2nd space is for keeping a spare battery.

The manual has a very small font, but provides some useful tips. It was printed on recycled paper. There's also a handy "Quick Reference Guide" on the inside of the Royal DM70's protective lid.

A recessed RESET button can be found on the back/base of the unit. If this button is pushed, and ENTER is pressed to confirm it, the Royal DM70 Plus erases all stored information and resets the time.

This organizer has an auto shut-off feature which turns it off after seven minutes of inactivity. According to the manual, the Royal DM70 Plus should only be used at 32-104F (0-40C) degrees.

Compared to the basic DM70, this Plus model has a somewhat different design and better keypad layout. The DM80Plus has more functions, buttons, and memory, but needs more batteries. Domain Name is For Sale at's Marketplace For $299 For Sale For Only $99 (C) 2010 Best Viewed at 640x480 or 800x600 Resolution