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These fast websites will help you find useful information about boating, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities:

Family Camping Gear (
Learn about camping, tents, outdoor cooking, activities and campgrounds from this handy, simple website. It also includes a few camping stories. Tip: Consider printing out one of the camping checklists to help you remember everything. Established: 2001, page size: 38k, images: some, ads: none, rating: 4.5/5

Hiking Website (
Detailed information on hiking, backpacking and related equipment can be found at the Hiking Website. You may also read about potential hazards. Tip: Click "search" to search for pages on this website or the entire Web with its Google Custom Search. Established: 2000, page size: 8k, images: few, ads: few, rating: 4/5

Kayaking and Canoeing (
This comprehensive boating website features reviews, buying guides, news, classifieds, launch site maps, sweepstakes, discussion boards and an email newsletter. Tip: Click "Weekly Newsletter" in the "Community" menu to read the current issue or subscribe. Established: 1998, page size: 39k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 4/5

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