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This relatively compact film camera uses regular 35mm rolls of film. The Minolta Freedom 200 is black, aside from the white lettering and a red shutter button.

Its features include a "Quartz Date" function, a neck strap, and a flash. The built-in flash is rectangular and positioned vertically, unlike most such flashes.

The Minolta Freedom 200's lens and viewfinder are located near the middle of the camera. Letters on the front read "AF", meaning that it has an autofocus function.

This Minolta has more features than the average point and shoot camera. It's not rare, though it remains less common than a number of other mass-produced 35mm cameras.

Warning: Many cameras are damaged or destroyed by battery corrosion; always remember to take batteries out before storing the camera long-term. Domain For Sale at NameCheap Marketplace $149
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