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These websites supply information on radio and TV programs in various countries. They are easy to use and load quickly: (
Learn about shortwave stations, ham radio, scanners, radio collecting and related subjects on this informative and well-designed website. Tip: Click "Newsroom" to read about interesting new radios, antennas, Web pages and books. Established: 1999, page size: 10k, images: some, ads: few, rating: 5/5

Old Time Radio Catalog (
This online catalog offers CDs and MP3s containing radio programs from the early-to-mid 20th century. They include shows like "Gunsmoke" and "Inner Sanctum Mysteries." Tip: Visit the product information page for any program to download or stream a free episode. Established: 1999, page size: 40k, images: some, ads: none, rating: 5/5

National Public Radio (
Read news articles, listen to programs and find local stations on the text-only version of NPR's website. You can also hear the latest hourly news update. Tip: To read non-news articles on various subjects, click "Arts & Life" under "Topics." Established: 1993, page size: 2k, images: none, ads: none, rating: 4/5

Visit the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's mobile-optimized website for information about its TV and radio programs, plus the latest weather forecasts and headlines. Tip: Enter words in the search box at the end of the page to find CBC news articles and Web pages. Established: 1995, page size: 22k, images: some, ads: none, rating: 3.5/5

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