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Rhapsody RY-610 & RY-611

The Rhapsody RY-610 and 611 are two similar models of a ten-band shortwave/multiband radio receiver. They can receive shortwave, weather, television audio, Citizen's Band, police and AM/FM broadcast bands. The reception is fair-to-good on most bands, with rather good AM reception. Features include a DC power jack (on the side), PA (Public Address) function, Direction Finder AM antenna, fine tuning control, tone control and carrying strap mounts.

It can run on four "D" batteries or the built-in AC power cord. The only noticeable difference between the RY-610 and RY-611 is that the 611 has a top-mounted, built-in cassette player. The 611's cassette player is similar to automobile cassette units and lacks a rewind button. Overall, the Rhapsody RY-610/611 appears to be a good-quality receiver with many features and better reception than some similar models.

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Rhapsody RY-611