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Details on Ultronic Clock Radios
A few different clock radios have been sold under the Ultronic brand name...

The most common model looks similar to the Bose Wave Radio, although it has a much lower value. This light-colored clock radio features analog AM and FM tuning, a digital LCD for showing the time, and a telescoping antenna capable of being fully retracted into the unit's base. Most of the controls are located on the top, while a couple of buttons are on either side of the LCD, which has the Ultronic logo above it. It can be run on batteries or a power adapter, making it good for travel usage.

Another somewhat less common model has a digital clock and radio, as well as temperature & date features. It can be controlled by a battery-powered remote control. This unit appears to be intended more for home use than travel, and is usually somewhat more expensive than the unit described in the previous paragraph.

Some more obscure models have been sold by this brand as well, including a desktop radio/clock/calculator combination unit. All of these items can often be found on eBay.com, as well as some yard sales and used merchandise stores. Other Ultronic products include 35mm cameras, flashlights, and other electronic devices.