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Useful Text Only Websites

Text only websites are useful for viewing on mobile phones or other small portable devices with Internet capabilities, as well as on older computers and/or slow Internet connections. They are also easier to use for people who are visually impaired. The following useful websites have few or no graphics, and can be used just as easily with images turned off... The "Mobile" version of Weather Underground, a popular weather information website, provides text only forecasts and current conditions for cities around the world. There are radar images and forecast symbols, but these aren't necessary to use the site. The text only version of National Public Radio's website offers news, radio program details, a full list of stations, transcripts of parts of various programs, and other information. The pages load very quickly and don't use tables or columns. The popular website CraigsList has classifieds, forums, personals, and event calendars for many different states and cities worldwide, in a largely non-graphical format. The discussion forums use frames, so they may be more difficult to use on mobile phones and older browsers than the classifieds. The Inter Press Service offers a non-graphical version of its web site (except for the logo in the upper left corner). It provides international news on a variety of issues. The pages do use fonts and different colors, so they don't load quite as quickly as some of the other text-only websites. The search engine AltaVista offers a text only version which loads quickly and provides all information in a single column. It works well in non-graphical web browsers. Results are usually the same as those provided by the Yahoo! search engine. You can read the Australian newspaper "The Age" online at this website. It provides a long list of headlines on the text only version's home page, including Australian and international news, as well as opinion, entertainment, business, and sports. This website offers BBC headlines and articles on a wide variety of subjects. The home page loads quickly, and most articles are only six or fewer kilobytes to download.

A number of websites which appeal to smaller audiences also are text only or offer a text-based version. Many colleges and universities provide this option. Be aware when searching that a number of websites offer a text only version of their homepage but the rest of the pages are graphical; the websites listed above do not have this problem.

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