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A wide variety of games are available for the Tandy 1000 series of computers; these older computers have special sound and graphics capabilities which are desirable for games. They can be downloaded for free from a few different web sites, and are available for purchase on eBay.com.

In addition to games specifically designed for 1000 series computers, these computer systems can also run almost all IBM-compatible game software which they meet the system requirements for. To download such software from the internet and use it on a Tandy 1000, one option is to connect the Tandy to the internet (you will need DOS or early Windows internet access software) to access it. If your 1000-series computer lacks a modem or sufficient memory, the following procedures can be used to transfer games from an internet-capable computer (with a 3.5" disk drive) to it:

Tandy w\ 5.25" Disk Drive Only: Use a null-modem cable and terminal program, if possible.

1000 RL/TL/TL2/SL2/TX: Copy the game to one or more 720K-formatted 3.5" disks.

1000 RLX/RSX: Just copy the files to a standard 1.44MB 3.5" disk and put it in the Tandy.

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