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Download software and learn more about computers from this selection of fast, easy-to-use computing websites:

Nathan's Toasty Technology (
This website takes an interesting and amusing look at operating systems, Web browsers, early GUIs and other software. It criticizes Windows 98 through 8 and proclaims Internet Explorer "EVIL!" Tip: Check out "Site News" on the "GUIs" page. Established: 2001, page size: 4k, images: some, ads: none, rating: 4.5/5

FileHippo (
This software repository enables users to download a wide variety of programs, ranging from text editors to Web browsers and sound players. It contains freeware, shareware and trialware. Tip: If you use dial-up, look for downloads under 5 MB. Established: 2004, page size: 22k, images: many, ads: some, rating: 4/5

Computer Hope (
This comprehensive resource offers computer advice, news and history. It includes information on using a wide range of operating systems and applications. Tip: For assistance in solving any computer problem, click "free help" (near the top). Established: 1998, page size: 17k, images: few, ads: some, rating: 3.5/5

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