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Quickly check the latest business news, view stock data and more with these fast-loading websites:

BusinessWeek (
You can read current finance, technology and lifestyle news on BusinessWeek's fast mobile site. Tip: To see slideshows on various subjects, visit the Gallery section. Some of them include pictures of interesting seasonal foods and drinks. Established: 1995, page size: 73k, images: some, ads: few, rating: 4/5 (
This up-to-date website offers U.S.-oriented business news, stock quotes, currency data and economic statistics. Tip: For a simplified version of with little or no advertising, click "streamlined site" under "PDA-enabled." Established: 1996, page size: 19k, images: few, ads: few, rating: 3.5/5

Bloomberg (
The mobile edition of provides global news headlines, stock market numbers and opinion columns. Tip: Select "market snapshot" from the "choose market categories" menu for an overview of stocks, currencies, bonds and commodities. Established: 1993, page size: 110k, images: few, ads: none, rating: 3.5/5

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