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These fast, high-quality websites provide information on various cultural topics, including music and computerized art:

Kennedy Center (
Learn about The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on the text-only version of its website. It includes an up-to-date calendar, event information, travel directions, donation instructions and other facts. Tip: The "Site Index" link can help you find some pages more quickly. Established: 1995, page size: 4k, images: none, ads: none, rating: 4.5/5

Incredible ASCII Art (
Check out several examples of pictures that people have created by combining letters, numbers or symbols. This website also includes some history and related links. Tip: There is an ASCII animation that won't play in some browsers; try Opera 9.x. Established: 2012, page size: 60k, images: some, ads: few, rating: 4/5 (
Learn about buying cameras and taking photos at this regularly updated website. It includes detailed lens reviews, how-to articles and camera news. Tip: Use the search box to find online instruction manuals for specific camera models. Established: 1999, page size: 8k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 3.5/5

ArtSearch (
Use this specialized search engine and directory to find websites about galleries, art museums, theaters, schools, paintings, sculptures, movies and music. It also lists art-related job openings. Tip: Click "Employers" to submit a job listing. Established: 2002, page size: 32k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 3/5

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