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To instantly receive a free appraisal of your shortwave radio's value in U.S. dollars, just fill out the form below. Appraisals for radios of $1-$125 value are usually more accurate than others. Keep in mind that the value includes any taxes or shipping costs someone buying it will have to pay.
1. How much of the shortwave range (1.8-30MHz) is covered by it?
2. What condition is the built-in antenna in? 2.
3. Is there a BFO or SSB control on the radio? 3.
4. What type of tone control does it have, if any? 4.
5. Does the radio have a signal strength meter? 5.
6. Does the radio still have any instructions? 6.
7. Does it also receive the weather (WX/WB) band? 7.
8. Does it receive the VHF or aircraft (AIR) band? 8.
9. Is there a squelch control on the radio? 9.
10. How large is the shortwave radio? 10.
11. Does the radio have a built-in light on it? 11.
12. What condition is the radio in? 12.
13. Does it have a cassette player/recorder? 13.
14. What type of speaker(s) are built in? 14.
15. What material is the exterior made of? 15.
16. What type of controls does the radio have?
17. Does the radio have an external antenna jack? 17.
18. Does it also receive the longwave (LW) band? 18.
19. What power options does the radio offer? 19.
20. Does the radio have a bandwidth control? 20.
21. Does the radio have an AGC ("Gain") control? 21.