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A relatively small 35mm camera, the Ansco 1065 features an adjustable f-stop ring, a flash hot shoe, a tripod socket, and two neck strap mounts. It is mostly black in color.

The Ansco 1065's built-in "Ansconar F:8 / 45mm" lens can be set to three different f-stops (using a silver-colored ring), which changes the amount of light which enters the camera. The lens barrel includes separate f-stop markings for 100 and 400 film.

The camera's viewfinder seems accurate. It includes frame markings for normal, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. These markings appear on it because add-on telephoto and wide-angle lenses (of the correct size) can be attached to the Ansco 1065.

Though it isn't very heavy-duty, the camera shows some signs of quality. The hot shoe, tripod socket, strap mounts, and part of the film rewind knob are metal. It has a real viewfinder and a film pressure plate, which is square and flat.

Although some people have suggested its similarity to other cameras, the Ansco 1065 seems to most closely resemble the Bell & Howell 35J. Both have three aperture settings and very similar (but not identical) controls.

The 1065 is also similar to the less common Ansco 1100. The model 1100 appears little different except that it has slightly different styling and there's no hand grip on the front.

UPDATE: The first roll of film (new Rite Aid color 400, 24 exp. processed at CVS Pharmacy) produced very good results. Fit 26 exposures on the roll and every photo looks at least fairly good, many excellent. Two shots using a Unomat flash unit with the Ansco 1065 were also successful. Domain Name is For Sale at's Marketplace For $299 For Sale For Only $99 (C) 2010 Best Viewed at 640x480 or 800x600 Resolution