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Learn about starting and operating a farm with these fast, comprehensive reference websites:

The Small Farm Resource (
Read about beekeeping, food crops, pests, trees, gardening, farm equipment, livestock and fish on this simple, informative website. Tip: If some of the frames hold very little text, try reducing your Web browser's font size or zoom level. Established: 1995, page size: 6k, images: some, ads: few, rating: 4/5

Yardener (
You can use this comprehensive website to find information about growing plants around your home. It offers articles on flowers, fruit trees, grass, shrubs and gardens. Tip: Drop-down menus will appear if you point at the top row of links. Established: 2003, page size: 38k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 3/5

Beginning Farmers (
This website helps new farmers start growing food or raising animals. It includes details on urban farming, pest control and many other subjects. Tip: On some browsers, you must scroll to the end of the sidebar before reaching the text. Established: 2008, page size: 66k, images: some, ads: some, rating: 3/5

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